We are building!

Stove Works is on an exhibition Hiatus as we refocus our energy towards planning the grand opening of our permanent home and its inaugural exhibition in 2020.

That said, We will be putting on intermittent events, pop-ups and once offs, so sign up for our mailing list to receive updates!

And as always, thank you for your support! We’re looking forward to what’s coming!

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Previous Exhibitions

About Land and Sea

While we wait to our permanent location to open, we’ve launched a satellite exhibition series in August 2018 - Summer 2019. LAND AND SEA, in partnership with art organizations and curators from across the South, will comprise five separate exhibitions. Each with regular, related programming that is carefully designed to draw out different aspects of each show, extending meaning and relationships not only into other realms of art but also out of the gallery and into the world

Future Program and Facilities (2019)

Stove Works will provide space and supporting services for exhibitions of contemporary art open to the public. We'll offer several exhibitions per year, free to the public, where works of promising artists are displayed; Introducing material that inspires engagement, imagination, intellectual vulnerability, and exchange is central to our activities.

The exhibition space will present an inclusive environment where outreach and education are primary concerns. This dynamic approach will enable Stove Works, residents of Chattanooga, and the region to grow as a thoughtful, inquisitive, and empathic community. 

The main/formal exhibition space will be used for longer term exhibitions. After selection, artists are invited for install and are required to provide one public lecture and do studio visits with the visiting artists. The Project Space is a flexible exhibition space for short term programming intended to showcase the works of selected visiting artists and selected works by artists within the larger Chattanooga community.

All exhibitions and related programing are free of charge. Stove Works will not engage in the sale of art nor earn commission for sale of a work that has been exhibited at Stove Works; We seek to feature artists trying to tackle complex issues regardless of commercial viability and popularity of their work.