While we wait to our permanent location to open, we are launching a satellite exhibition series in August 2018 - April 2019. LAND AND SEA, in partnership with art organizations and curators from across the South, will comprise five separate exhibitions. Each with regular, related programming that is carefully designed to draw out different aspects of each show, extending meaning and relationships not only into other realms of art but also out of the gallery and into the world.


LAND AND SEA: Curator's Statement

The series and the first exhibition are strategically titled to call attention to the immensity of the world, all of it, the LAND AND SEA. Each is seemingly endless expanses defined by their surfaces, their interiors, their compositions. Hidden amidst it all, in plain sight, is the unfolding-est of paradoxes. That is, the quantifiable and qualifiable masses that are the earthly substrates are hardly pinned down, hardly solved, and most assuredly, ultimately, more quick to undefine and scatter their adjectives to the fractal vacuum. Simply stated, LAND AND SEA will pave the way, carve out a path, map the ripples, and also witness alongside you the endless oscillations, transformations, and the wobbly-legged feeling that considering A History of Everything, Including You (Jenny Hollowell) will induce.

Spread out over nearly a year, each exhibition will occupy a different space that, due to development, is in transition, in limbo. In many ways being in limbo is a similar affective state to the fractal vacuum mentioned earlier. Therein Stove Works’ sensitivity to site, meaning,perspective, and overlapping remains true, inescapable as these attributes are inextricable from their origins. Exhibitions will not be media specific, instead work will take many different forms, traditional and non. The provisional nature of each exhibition and corresponding warehouse turned makeshift gallery is a rare opportunity in Chattanooga to experience artwork shown in such voluminous spaces, carefully curated, but that feels fairly informal and unassuming.

The LAND AND SEA eries is an exciting endeavor in its scale and scope. It will introduce Stove Works, Charlotte Caldwell, the collaborating organizations and Curators, participating artists, and myself to the community. Our eagerness to begin generating dynamic programming will help animate the city and initiate Stove Works as Chattanooga and the South’s major new cultural driver and creative educational organization.

LAND AND SEA collaboration with Daniel Fuller from The Atlanta Contemporary Art Center Friday, August 10th - Sunday, September 9th (September 3rd is Labor Day)

Both the land and the sea, two colossal darknesses that have gradually revealed themselves over millennia, cast forms into minds and into the terrestrial expanse, dramatizing and animating. A critical part of this revelatory process is further obfuscation; the more that is discovered the deeper the pool of mysteries become. Inextricable from humans’ conceptions of the natural world is their primary habitation and experience of built environments. It is seldom more apparent than in Chattanooga, where the Appalachian Mountains collide with the city, woven through by the Tennessee River and its tributaries. The exhibition, LAND AND SE, explores how water, air, and soil, those specifically of East Tennessee, are inhabited, mythologized, reduced, abused, explored, and celebrated.

LAND AND SEA will explore it all; the up, the down, the seen, the unseen, and the in between, so that we might more fully live and breathe in each other, critters, and our surroundings.


Future Program and Facilities (2019)

Stove Works will provide space and supporting services for exhibitions of contemporary art open to the public. We'll offer several exhibitions per year, free to the public, where works of promising artists are displayed; Introducing material that inspires engagement, imagination, intellectual vulnerability, and exchange is central to our activities.

The exhibition space will present an inclusive environment where outreach and education are primary concerns. This dynamic approach will enable Stove Works, residents of Chattanooga, and the region to grow as a thoughtful, inquisitive, and empathic community. 

The main/formal exhibition space will be used for longer term exhibitions. After selection, artists are invited for install and are required to provide one public lecture and do studio visits with the visiting artists. The Project Space is a flexible exhibition space for short term programming intended to showcase the works of selected visiting artists and selected works by artists within the larger Chattanooga community.

All exhibitions and related programing are free of charge. Stove Works will not engage in the sale of art nor earn commission for sale of a work that has been exhibited at Stove Works; We seek to feature artists trying to tackle complex issues regardless of commercial viability and popularity of their work.