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Teen Curators

Teen Curators: Raedon, Shanzeh, Grace, and Ripken

Teen Curators: Raedon, Shanzeh, Grace, and Ripken

Teen Curators Program

The Teen Curators program is a six week intensive in which four teens are selected via an open call application to work together to curate an exhibition of their peers.

Guided by the Stove Works staff, the Teen Curators will come up with a curatorial theme that relates to the concepts explored by Stove Works’ Exhibitions Program. Working together in weekly meetings over the course of June, you and your co-curators will review and select work made by their peers and/or local artists to activate the venue’s programming space for a multi-day exhibition. Each weekly meeting will involve an exploration into the best practices of exhibition making, design, and project management.

Current Exhibition:

Kids These Days

1265 E 13 th Street
Curators: Shanzeh Rizvi, Raedon gunnell, Grace Williams, Ripken Russell

JULY 12 - July 28 TH
THURS - FRI: 3 - 7 PM, SAT: 12 -7, SUN: 12 - 5
1265 E 13TH STREET, 37408

Curatorial Statement:

“Undefined identity;” “Communaholic;” “Dialoger;” and “Pragmatic”

We find value in the expression of connecting and understanding different truths. Often cited for growing up in the age of technology, teenagers today often do not know a life before high-speed internet, fast communication, and the mass-globalization of media.

“KIDS THESE DAYS” examines the way Generation Z observes and processes evident stimuli, whether it be constant media, today’s hot political climate, or broader themes such as identity, or adversity. Offering a glimpse into the minds of current teenagers and young adults, it is important to consider how or why younger generations may mentally, emotionally, or physically process and express ideas and information.

Participating Artists:

Lee Webb
Ripken Russell
Grace Williams
Christian Abernathy
Sarah Lewis
Sarah Foropoulos
Julian Raiford
Maya Pound