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 Teen Curator Agreement + Pledge 

For the next six weeks I, ___________________________________, pledge to take an active role in developing, with my fellow Teen Curators, a thoughtful and considerate exhibition and opening.

I understand that agency is the driver of this program. I understand that it important, alongside my team, to feel confident and compelled to create something unique for my friends, family, and community. I understand that Stove Works will provide us, the Teen Curators, with all of the support and guidance we need in order to effectively execute the exhibition. BUT, the theme, the work, the design, and the event are ours to own and ours to create.

I recognize that I have something to contribute. I recognize that my peers have something to contribute. And, I pledge to always speak from a position of active listening, understanding that what I know might be different from what other people know.

I have read and fully understand the below responsibilities. I pledge to adhere to them to the best to the best of my ability and within reason. I understand that my inability honor the below responsibilities will jeopardize the receipt of my Curators’ Fee [$100] and may warrant dismissal from the program or any future programs.   


Our responsibilities as a team:

-        Coming up with a collective name
-        Coming up with a theme for our exhibition
-        Developing a Curatorial Statement
-        Selecting works of Art to be shown (works by our peers/classmates/friends)
-        Installing works
-        Organizing the opening event
-        Optional: Writing a blog post and/or posting pictures on TC Instagram

My Responsibilities as an Individual:

-        Active participation
-        Attendance at each meeting
-        Deep thinking and journaling your thoughts and reflections
-        Communicating clearly and openly with each other
-        Being understanding and considerate of the opinions of your peers
-        Recognizing your strengths and the strengths of your peers
-        Giving a tour of your exhibition to your friends and family