Get ready for a Stove Works’ SMACKDOWN!

Join us for an evening of revelry and wrestling at Stove Works' first fundraiser, BODY SLAM! The evening’s roster of activities includes: A Wrestling inspired Exhibition BODY SLAM! Arm Wrestling and T-shirt Ripping Competitions with Cash Prizes!, Live Wrestling! Performance from the Pop-Up Project! Booze! Food! Music! And METAL.

Schedule of Events:

6:00 PM Party Starts!
6:30 PM
: Opening Remarks / Arm Wrestling Registration Ends
6:45 PM: Arm Wrestling (Elimination Rounds)
7:00 PM: Celebrity Death Match
7:15 PM: Tee Shirt Ripping Contest a la Hulk Hogan
7:30 PM: RWA Wrestlers: The Movement vs. The Hatriots
8:00 PM: Semi Finals + Finals (best 2 out of 3) 8:30 PM: ATL Wrestlers: Ashton “Starfire” Starr v. “Shotgun” Lee Johnson
9:30 PM: DARE
10:30 PM: My Wall

BODY SLAM poster.jpg