STOVE WORKS’ mission is to serve the Chattanooga community by providing local, national, and international artists a venue for the production of, exhibition of and education through contemporary works of art.

Using Contemporary Art as a megaphone, Stove Works goal is to foster an environment of exchange and reflection, to provide opportunities from the experiences of others and to give voice. Stove Works strives to bring outside elements into Chattanooga where creators, their work, and those that witness are engaged in a dynamic process: all three are impacted by the other in an evolving way.  It enriches the outcomes for all. And, all of our public programs will be free to attend. 

NEW! Stove Works has officially launched its crowdfunding campaign! Please click the button below to check out the site and support us as we endeavor to bring new creative blood into not only Chattanooga but the Southeast as whole!

This is pretty monumental. We've got a great team and put in a great effort to get to this point. And, I'm counting on y'all to take us further down the road... the one that leads to us opening our doors next summer!


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