Our organizational and educational philosophy is guided by the thoughts captured in Anthony Huberman’s essay “Take Care.” We seek not to take on the role of “explicator”, i.e. those who “know” teaching those who “don’t know”. But rather, we seek to engage in dialogue, acting as an intermediary between individuals who know something and those who know something else. We hope to help people navigate the complex and interwoven narratives of existence using contemporary practice as the vehicle, allowing them and us to follow the life of an idea.


Teen Curators

Stove Works will sponsor wide-ranging educational activities regarding contemporary art. The exhibition spaces provide the framework for the organizations education program. Through rigorously planned exhibitions drawing on works/artists selected by the curatorial committee, public educational programming will include lectures, panels, performances, screenings, and other similar activities. Additional activities will include staff-lead tours, docent tours, self-guided tours assisted by literature and activity books, panel discussions, performances, and artist lectures.

The Classroom and Workshops serve to further educate and enrich the community by focusing on outreach to area schools and community organizations. In addition to the educational programming informed by the rotating exhibitions, the Community Classroom will also provide a space to explore activities relating to broader themes and practices of contemporary art. 

Stove Works seeks to promote: i.) the advancement of artists and aspiring artists of all ages (including youth) in Chattanooga / the region; ii.) appreciation of art of significant merit by the public of Chattanooga and the region. All educational programming / instruction will be free of charge or require a nominal fee for educational materials at cost to Stove Works.